7 Tips to Make Your Move Straightforward and Stress-Free

Moving is a big job, but it is essential from time to time. If you are like many other people, you may have had extremely stressful or rough moving experiences in the past. You understandably do not want to repeat those types of experiences, and the good news is that following a few easy tips may help you to enjoy an easier relocation. These are essential steps that can streamline and simplify your relocation.

1. Clean House First

Before you pack a single box, spend a few days or even several weekends thoroughly cleaning out all unnecessary clutter from your home. This includes digging into closets, cabinets, and drawers. It also involves clearing junk off of counters, tables, and other surfaces. By doing this, you will have a clean, organized work area that may enable more efficient packing. You will also save time by not packing and unpacking items that you have no need or desire for any longer.


2. Keep Important Documents Safe

Many people keep their important documents safe in a filing cabinet, a safe deposit box or other storage feature. Rather than boxing these items up, consider keeping them easily accessible until the last minute. For example, you may need to pull out your passport for a last-minute trip, or your lender may need a copy of your tax return. When you do transfer these documents to your new home, it may be wise to transport them yourself in your vehicle.

3. Improve Storage in the Garage and Closets

Another smart idea is to improve the organization in your closets and garage. You may have been meaning to organize these areas for years, but they may still be chaotic. Consider storing these items in durable bins. When you get to your new home, you can slide the bins into place rather than having to deal with unpacking everything. The bins will give you a well-organized space from day one.

4. Hire a Moving Company

To make your moving experience as stress-free as possible, you need professional help on moving day. Many movers are booked weeks in advance, so plan to make your reservation as soon as you have finalized the details of your relocation. While you are shopping for quotes, confirm that the companies are licensed and insured.

5. Take Labeling to Another Level

When you get into your new home, you will have stacks of boxes piled up in each room, and you understandably want to unpack the most important boxes first. Label boxes with the room name in large block letters, and jot down extra notes stating the specific items in each box. For items that you know, you will need soon, such as pots or towels, add a sticker or a very large mark for easy identification.

6. Get Help for Kids and Pets

Before moving day arrives, make arrangements for child and pet care. Your movers will be busy hauling items out of your home, and they need a clear path to work efficiently and safely. One parent may take the kids and pets to the park while the movers are working. You could also ask a neighbor for assistance.

7. Keep Your Essentials Handy

A final and important tip is to keep an overnight bag with at least one or two nights of clothes for the whole family in it. You may also keep hygiene items, bath towels and bed linens in a box. Put these boxes and bags in your vehicle so that you do not lose sight of them once you get into your new home.


Moving can be exhausting and complicated, but you can see that you can simplify the process by taking a few important steps. Each of these tips offers unique benefits, so apply each of them as needed for a smoother, easier move.

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