How to Get Your Whole Family On Board for a Successful Moving Day

There are more challenges to overcome when you move as a family as opposed to moving as an individual. Managing all of the different personalities and wants of a family can be difficult, especially if everyone isn’t on the same page come moving day. Below, you will find four tips on how to get your whole family on board for a successful moving day.

Designate Specific Tasks

Moving out of your home and into a new one is a naturally chaotic situation. The chaos will only get worse if your children and spouse are trying to move items out of the same room at the same time or are trying to move boxes out while someone is moving out furniture. Instead, asĀ suggests, sit down with your family a few days before moving day and assign each person a certain task. If you have children, tell them that they’re responsible for moving the boxes that contain their personal items.

Children are very attached to their items and will feel better if they’re the ones moving them. Designating tasks will ensure everyone has a job, everyone knows their role, and that there’s less confusion during moving day.

Set Up A Moving Plan

To help make moving day more organized and to encourage active participation from all family members, order pizza for dinner the night before. While your family is eating, gently work the conversation towards the move happening tomorrow to set up a moving plan.

As you discuss the move, let them know which rooms and items will be moved out first. The next step in the moving plan should be deciding which doors should be used for which purpose. To avoid accidents, one door of the home should be used for leaving with boxes and furniture while the other door should be used for re-entering the home.

Let The Kids Decorate

Moving isn’t usually high on the list of things that excite and motivate children. One incentive you can offer your children to help motivate them to pack up their rooms is to give them free rein to decorate their boxes. Children tend to be very artistic and adore coloring. So, if you find that you’re having trouble getting your child to pack up their room, adding in this little treat for them might just be enough to get them on board with the move. Remind them to add their names to the boxes to make unloading and unpacking require less guesswork.

Talk To Your Children

Moving is a big change that can upset your lifestyle and make you nervous. The same happens to children during a move. To get your children more comfortable with the upcoming move, talk with them. Sit them down and discuss with them how they feel about the move.

If they seem upset or apprehensive, give them reassurances that the move will be good for them. If possible, drive your children to the new home. Let them see the neighborhood and show them their new school. Take them to eat at a restaurant that’s in the new neighborhood to give them a positive connection to the new home.

This will go a long way in making sure your children are on their best behavior for moving day. It might even make them excited for the move.

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