How to Pack a Flat-Screen Television for an Out-of-State Move

Moving to a new state can be stressful. It is important to get you, your loved ones, and your valuables there safely. Your flat-screen TV may cause you the most hesitation – but it doesn’t have to. Use this guide from Cheap Movers Philadelphia (744 South Street #722, Philadelphia, PA 19147, (215) 618-9686) to pack up your television and get it safely to your new home.

1. Get Prepared

According to Best Buy, the first thing you need to do is take some pictures of your TV, front and back. You may think you will remember how it was set up, but having a picture to remind you where the cables can make your life easier. They suggest making sure you have a printed copy with the TV, just in case something happens to your smartphone during the move out of state.

2. Use the Original TV Box

If by some chance you still have the original box, great. This is the perfect way to move your flat-screen, especially if you kept all of the Styrofoam and another packaging that came with it. However, National Van Lines points out that these boxes are often very large and hard to store. So, what to do instead?

3. Buy a Flat-Screen Moving Kit

Different companies will call them different things, but many truck rental and storage units sell boxes specifically designed to move a flat screen. Uhaul recommends packing all of your accessories in a separate box. This way they are all together, but not in the same box as your flat-screen, where they could potentially damage it.

4. Keep Your Flat-Screen Upright

You have probably heard that you should never lay a flat-screen television on its back. There seem to be a lot of theories on why this is. Some people will tell you that Plasma TVs have a liquid in them that will settle and get ruined if you lay it down. Hire a Helper says that there is no way that laying your TV down will hurt it, internally anyway. The reason for keeping it upright is that it is balanced to stand that way. On its back, the middle of your screen could crack, especially on a long, bumpy drive. Be safe and pack your flat-screen standing up.

5. Carefully Transport Your TV

When it comes time to load up, have someone help you carry the television box. If you are driving your car, consider letting your TV ride in your backseat. For those needing to put it in the moving van, Great Guys Moving suggests putting it standing up in between two pieces of flat, heavy pieces of furniture. Be sure these pieces of furniture will not damage the screen of your television.

6.  Unpacking

When taking out your TV, it is a good idea to let it adjust to the room temperature before turning it on. During that time, you can reattach the cables and get everything ready for getting back to watching your flat-screen, but now in your new home!

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